Amicus Stories

For over 40 years, Amicus has been improving public safety by helping people change their lives. Here are a few of our stories…

Louise Wolfgramm, Amicus President: Friendship, Caring, Respect and Transformation (2012)

Chris: A Story of the Amicus Veterans Justice Program Being There After a Fall  (2012)

Marla: A story of Amicus Reentry Services: Building a New Life, Piece by Piece (2102)

Jerome – A story of Amicus Reentry Finding A New Future – Amicus Specialized Case Manager Jerome Graham. (2011)

Pamela – A story of Amicus One to One Finding a Friend Who Cares: Pamela Belcourt, Ellen Green and Amicus One to One. (2011)

Angela – A Story of Amicus Radius Angela Martinez-Deleon: Coming Home Through Amicus Radius. (2010)

Carol – A Story of Amicus One to One How Carol Bell lost almost everything and is bouncing back with the help of Amicus One to One. (2009)

Malcolm – A Story of Amicus Men of Rafiki How Malcolm McLaughlin learned to run with a new crowd and turned his life around through Amicus Men of Rafiki. (2009)

Reggie – A Story of Amicus Reconnect How Reggie Chapman is Reaching Out for Hope and a New Chance Through Amicus Reconnect. (2009)

Amanda – A Story of Amicus Radius How Amanda found the confidence to start creating her own future through Amicus Radius. (2009)