Sisters Helping Sisters

Making the transition from prison to an independent, positive life is a challenge.  Female inmates at MCF-Shakopee who are nearing release have an opportunity to participate in Amicus Sisters Helping Sisters, an innovative transitional program.

Amicus Sisters Helping Sisters Program

Phase One: Personal Empowerment

A 12-week group with other female inmates that helps develop personal accountability, inner strength and gain personal empowerment through sharing and support.

Phase Two: Sisters Helping Sisters Connect
(preference given to Personal Empowerment graduates)

A 12-week group focusing on independent living skills as participants prepare for your transition, including:

Employment Advantage training, which helps women overcome the stigma of a felony on their record so they can succeed in the mainstream job market.

Help in developing a goal and action plan.

Personal one on one support from Amicus staff and volunteers.

Over 95% of SISTERS graduates have stayed out of prison and built new lives!

To find out more, contact Julie Jefferson. (612) 877-4261

“Being inmates, we feel that no one cares, but you proved us wrong! You have showed us so much love through the SISTERS HELPING SISTERS program. I would recommend anyone to try the program.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me on the day I was released from MCF-Shakopee. You were my angel from God! I am so very grateful to you. I just wanted to let you know as of June 1, I start my new job, already! Plus, my apartment is very well stocked up due to the wonderful people I’ve met here in St. Louis Park! Thank you again for all your help!”


“I always think of the words of Lao Tsu: A journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. I have great respect for these women in taking that first step toward a positive change in their lives.”

-B.D., mentor

“You have enlightened and brightened so many faces. Gave them hope when they thought they had none. Lifted them up when heads were down. I need to tell you, sister to sister, you have done a lot of special things for me. That wall I had up—a sis like you brought it down. You have brought guidance into my life. Made me look at the world in a different way. You fight hard for us. You let us know that someone has our back. Many of us would not have made it as far as we have without you. You say it’s about us–with us, you made it happen too.”

-A.S., Sisters Helping Sisters participant

Projects are funded/supported, in part, by the Office of Justice Programs through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota Department of Corrections and private donations.