Amicus Radius


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The Mission of the Amicus Radius Program is to model safe and supportive relationships utilizing comprehensive strengths-based programming for girls so they learn to create healthy relationships, make positive life choices, and become the architects of their own success.



The Amicus Radius Program provides gender-responsive services to adolescent girls on probation in Hennepin County.



Safety – Girls will begin to address issues of trauma by developing a safety plan that identifies safe people, places, and resources in her life and community.

Healthy Relationships – Girls will learn to own their responsibility in creating healthy relationships by identifying and establishing positive connections, utilizing self regulation techniques, learning methods of conflict resolution, and practicing positive communication skills.

Empowerment – Girls will develop a sense of empowerment by creating goals and a vision for her future while learning to use her personal power more effectively towards the fulfillment of her aspirations.



Restorative justice and comprehensive, strength-based programming is the predominant framework for our 14-week program offering:


Individual Counseling      Weekly Group Sessions      


Resource Referrals     Circles of Support


Individual Counseling: Radius Counselors meet weekly with girls to offer support and address past trauma and current concerns.

Group Sessions: Weekly psycho-educational group curriculum where girls learn to process past trauma, develop healthy relationships, and make positive life choices.

Resource and Referral Services: Radius Counselors refer girls and families to needed resources in their community (i.e. housing, mentorship, food shelves, health care, etc.).

Circles of Support: Support circles bring girls and the significant people in their lives together to have needed conversations and plan for the future through a proven safe, structured and respectful process.



A Program Specifically Designed for Girls:

– Girls are more motivated by relationships, which often contribute to their behavior choices.

– Girls are more like to have unresolved trauma, abuse, or mental health issues.

Radius Counselors offer girls an in-depth relationship-based program that addresses their main issues and helps them to radiate strengths from within, despite the messiness of life. It seeks to restore family, peer, and community connections, engage the girls as active architects of their own success, and to provide content which is relevant to the very real world of each girl.



Quotes from Participants:

“… Now I know how other girls feel in certain situations and how things might be sensitive to certain people, so that helped me.”


“They teach me a lot through things that I go through at home.  I learned to stay calm…[and] to keep myself together, whether it be at home or in school.”


“To me, [individual counseling] is basically like girl time…We talk about whatever is going on at school, boys, what’s new.  [Staff] just listens to everything that I have to say.”


“It just helped open my eyes to…the kind of people that I should be around.  It helped make it clear that these people I was hanging with aren’t the type of people I need to be hanging with.”




For more information, contact Amicus Radius Program Director Marjorie D. Grevious  (612) 877-4253. We look forward to hearing from you!

Projects are funded/supported, in part, by Hennepin County, the Office of Justice Programs through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and private donations.