Employment Advantage

About Employment Advantage

(The Employment Advantage program is currently inactive due to loss of state funding.  The EA curriculum is incorporated in the Amicus Sisters Helping Sisters program. )

Employment Advantage helps former offenders overcome the stigma of a felony on their record so they can succeed in the mainstream job market. Participants will attend a three-day workshop to prepare for a job search.

Approach: You will learn how to demonstrate to employers that you have the essential qualities of reliability, motivation and values. You will also learn ways to avoid automatic felony screen-out.

Employment Advantage Elements:

• Portfolio & Related Materials. Employment Advantage helps you develop a portfolio which highlights your unique strengths.

• Practice Interviewing. Practice interviews are done in small doses throughout the curriculum. All participants get a chance to answer
the tough questions, and participants evaluate each other’s
responses, “thinking like an employer.”

• Time Management & Organization. Learn strategies for keeping
your materials, appointments, and follow-ups organized. Learn to
“be your own boss.” Your job is to get a job and you “supervise”

• Networking & Marketing. Focus is given to networking
processes. You’ll create and present a “30 second ad” which
highlights your strongest assets to a potential employer.
You’ll learn how to use the “ads” on phones, in resumes, cover
letters, interviews, and follow-ups as a way to market yourself.