Mentor Train-the-Trainer

Trainings are fine-tuned to match the needs of participants or your specific program. If you’re interested in bringing an Amicus Mentor-Train-the-Trainer training to your organization or area, contact Kathleen DuChene or 612-348-8570.

Mentor Train-the-Trainer

Developing and running a mentoring program for inmates, people already released, or people soon-to-be released from prison and jail is full of challenges. Amicus’ core program, One to One, has been working through these challenges since its inception over 40 years ago. When organizations across the state and the country started contacting Amicus for support in developing offender mentoring programs, Amicus Training Academy Director Kathleen DuChene set to work capturing all of the wisdom and knowledge Amicus has gained from the 40 plus years of its One to One program and related programs.

Topics covered during the 3-day training include:

  • Anchoring your program in mission, vision, and values
  • Recruitment, mentor selection, and matching
  • Boundaries and guidelines for mentors
  • Developing a mentor training/orientation
  • Creating ongoing mentor support
  • Evaluation of your mentor training, your program’s effectiveness, etc.
  • Restorative justice and Circle process

Much of the training is done in a train-the-trainer format because the training is designed to teach participants not only how to develop a mentoring program, but also how to train potential volunteer mentors. Participants experience firsthand what it’s like to be a part of an Amicus One to One new volunteer training. In addition, scenarios, real-life news stories, brainstorming sessions, and a group Circle format create a setting where co-workers gain invaluable perspectives from one another in how to move forward with developing their mentoring program.

Participant feedback from past Mentor Train-the-Trainer trainings:

“Amicus has the most complete training I’ve ever experienced.” (Larry Forsberg, Michigan Reentry Field Supervisor)

“The framework and dynamics of the training were extremely effective.”

“It was all very effective and even though this was a three day training, I wouldn’t have minded a fourth day!”

“The trainers were all excellent and provided a complete range of perspectives and knowledge.”

“This training far exceeded my expectations and I feel very prepared to create a mentoring program in our community.”

“Train-the trainer programs are sometimes very difficult to conduct. I’ve attended others that were not effective. This training was well-balanced in both content and then structure for how to train it to others.”

“The most valuable part of the training for me was checking my own sterotypes, biases and evaluating them. This reflection is so useful and difficult to incorporate into a training without people feeling uptight or defensive.”

Youth Mentoring Training

In December of 2009 Amicus was invited by Chippewa County Circle Sentencing coordinator, Emily Wright to develop a youth mentoring training to explore various avenues for incorporating mentoring strategies throughout the county. Approximately twenty interested county residents participated in this two-day intensive training. Participants brought a wealth of background and experience, and included school personnel, a massage therapist, long-time foster parents, a county defense attorney, a retired farmer…Chippewa county citizens concerned about improving their community through mentoring and restorative justice. Much of the training occurred in Circle so that participants could hear one another’s stories and learn from each other about what it really means to be a mentor, to have a mentor, and to develop a mentoring program.

Topics explored included:

  • Values and Principles as the foundation of any mentoring program
  • Inspiring others to join the youth mentoring movement
  • Building healthy mentoring relationships
  • Understanding and re-framing adolescent development
  • Establishing mentoring program guidelines and boundaries
  • Brainstorming about various ways to implement mentoring for youth