Learning Organization and Leadership Development

Trainings are fine-tuned to match the needs of participants or your specific program. If you’re interested in bringing an Amicus Learning Organization & Leadership Development training to your organization or area, contact Kathleen DuChene or 612-348-8570.

A learning organization is one where:

  • People continually expand their capacity to create the results they desire
  • New and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured
  • Collective aspiration is set free
  • People are continually learning to see the whole together

Based on the model described by Peter Kline and Bernard Saunders, this training delves into what it takes to become an organization with the above characteristics: an organization that isn’t stagnating or simply striving to meet quota, but rather an organization that is growing, thriving, and steeped in collaborative, creative energy.

You’ll learn how Amicus has gone about applying this model in order to achieve new levels of transformative insight and freedom, plus the inevitable challenges and struggles we’ve faced along the way.