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Who We Are:

Through the Amicus Academy, professionals and stakeholders in the fields of corrections, social work, education, and others receive innovative and practical instruction about working with their clients, students and cases more effectively. For more information contact Kathleen DuChene at Amicus by email.


Opposite Gender Staffing: At the training participants spend the day learning about the aspects involved in developing strong opposite gender staff-client relationships such as:

  • Strengths and potential limitations to opposite gender staffing
  • The importance of maturity, judgment, instinct, and experience
  • The ways that sterotypes about gender contribute to fears about working with boys and girls
  • Using scenarios and real-life examples to understand the complexity of boundaries and guidelines involved in safe relationship-building
  • Creating a staff culture that promotes safety

The training has received rave ratings and reviews from participants:

“The information I received will be very useful in the job I work- I hope to bring it back to my facility.”

“[The facilitators] have collectively a tremendous amount of wisdom and experience and present the material with great integrity and humility.”

“Opposite gender staffing seems to be an important topic that we need to get ahead of sooner or later.”

“Very insightful and useful!”

“Great training, unique, important.”

“[The most useful topic in the training was] openly recognizing that gender matters and understanding how to utilize differences positively.”

If you’re interested in bringing an Amicus training to your organization or area contact Kathleen DuChene.

Topics now offered by the Training Academy

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