Amicus offers a variety of programs designed to assist offenders in building new lives, both before and after release:

One to One provides motivated inmates with a positive and affirming relationship with a trained volunteer. By offering visits and friendship, volunteers help offenders feel cared about, develop trust and gain a new outlook. Volunteers of the same sex are matched with inmates at the Minnesota correctional facilities (MCF) at Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, Lino Lakes and Shakopee. Inmates in the One to One program at MCF – Stillwater have a monthly Connections meeting facilitated by Amicus.

Did you know…

that an estimated 50% of inmates never receive visitors!

RECONNECT provides re-entry services that help inmates prepare for release and gives ex-offenders much-needed resources in their search for jobs, housing, clothing, family services and more. We also participate in numerous support classes such as SRD (Stop the Revolving Door), TRIAD (Chemical Dependency Unit), Sex Offender classes, Mock Job Fairs, and Transition Fairs.

To find out more contact Mary Maas.

Did you know…

that 95% of those incarcerated will return to the community!

SISTERS HELPING SISTERS provides pre-release classes, transition planning and follow-through assistance to female offenders at the Shakopee correctional facility; supporting them both before and after release as they develop a new outlook, new confidence, and a positive and healthy lifestyle.

To find out more contact Linda Meaux.

Did you know…

that the number of women in U.S. prisons has risen 650% in the last two decades!

Amicus Radius 

Amicus Radius works wth girls ages 12-18 who have become involved in the juvenile justice system. Radius offers hope as we work to clear the path and help a girl realize the infinite possibilities within herself.

To find out more contact Marjorie Grevious, Radius Program Director.

Did you know…

that girls who have been abused or neglected are 2-1/2 times more likely to be arrested for violent crimes!


Amicus Institute

Conducts best practice research, public education, advocacy, consulting, and technical assistance to develop, promote and replicate best practices for working with offenders. For more information contact Jay Lindgren