Mission, Visions, and Values


Amicus is a Minnesota not-for-profit organization with over 44 years of experience in improving public safety by helping inmates and ex-offenders through positive relationship-building, restorative justice practices and individualized transition services.


Amicus partners with inmates, ex-offenders, juvenile offenders, at risk youth and communities to build successful lives and stronger communities.

Through innovative programming, Amicus helps inmates and ex-offenders reshape their lives, reach their goals, and make successful transitions from prison into the community. All of the Amicus programs are relationship-based, community-driven, culturally specific and outcome-oriented.

Did you know…

that the Minnesota state prison population has increased 86% in the last decade and is projected to increase an additional 35% through 2009.

– 2001 Commissioner’s Report

Amicus Values:

  • Caring
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Community
  • Transformation

At our website, you can learn about offender issues; access Amicus programs and resources; receive agency updates; and learn about opportunities for volunteering and donating.

We welcome your comments. Click on the email address found throughout the site or call our office at (612) 877-4250.

These Portfolio Class graduates are prepared to further their careers.

The Board of Directors’ VISION is that in the future Amicus is widely recognized for innovative programs that:

  • Promote caring and respectful relationships;
  • Engage people in communities and resources to support offenders’ successful transition into healthy community life;
  • Educate the public in an effort to increase awareness and understanding, dispel fear, and promote justice;
  • Forward its mission through promotion of the Amicus model locally and nationally;
  • Listen and respond to stakeholders voices;
  • Instill hope for the future, heal communities and transform lives.

Amicus presents “What Works For Girls”, a training on working with female juvenile offenders.

 Projects are funded/supported, in part, by the Office of Justice Programs through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and also by your donations.